Memoir / The Tattooed Portrait Series

Memoir / The Tattooed Portrait Series




Shawn Barber: Memoir / The Tattooed Portrait Series   $40.00 

For those not already familiar with this groundbreaking artist, Shawn Barber has a long-standing stellar career as a painter and art professor. He came into tattooing relatively recently with this incredible body of artistic experience under his belt, and immediately gained the attention of the tattoo community with his impressive skill set. Memoir is a gorgeous large-format hardcover book with 256 pages of art, including a few pages of Shawn's distinctive tattoo work. The paintings are all portraits of people from the tattoo community, both artists and collectors; Shawn has an almost superhuman ability to totally nail people's personalities on canvas while also documenting their tattoo collections, work environments and other details that help to express a sense of personal presence. There is no one else like him in the fine art world.




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