Coverup: The Next Level

Coverup: The Next Level



Coverup: The Next Level
DVD, approx. 90 minutes, $75
Everyone knows that coverup tattooing can be a real pain, but think about how many clients walk in the shop with some small crummy tattoo that they want transformed. With the right approach, not only can you add a beautiful piece to your portfolio but also gain a whole new list of clients who are ready to move up to bigger work. In Coverup: The Next Level, noted tattooist Guy Aitchison delves into his 30 years of tattooing experience along with that of a variety of contributing artists to show you just how far the art of coverup has evolved, and how you can become a master at transforming unwanted tattoos. The tutorial uses both still images and video to share the inner details of the design, execution and healing of a variety of coverup projects and provides a foundation for you to take this very valuable step in your tattooing career. Also available in a discounted package with Aitchison's other coverup tutorial, Coverup: A Fresh Look.



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