Hyperspace Studios Apprentice

We are looking for a promising individual to join the team as our apprentice for a year at Hyperspace Studios located in Southern Illinois. The position will be opening up around late spring or early summer of 2014 and continuing for one year from that point. The curriculum will span the full range of artistic, technical and professional aspects of tattooing based on our approach as artists, and will include exercises, shop help, homework assignments and eventually hands-on tattooing under our guidance. Although we are not charging for this apprenticeship, you will be expected to maintain the studio, work on supply inventory, help with setup and breakdown, and other tasks relating to running the studio and business. At the end of the year we can assist with job placement.
All applicants must have a strong art background. No art degree is necessary, but there must be a solid portfolio and a history of taking art practices seriously. If you believe you are the right person for this position, click here to fill out our application form.
Thank you,
Guy Aitchison
Michele Wortman
Hyperspace Studios

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