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Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman have been a creative team since 1993 when they started sharing studio space in Chicago. They went on to form Hyperspace Studios in 1997 primarily as an online business to showcase their artwork and connect with a larger community.

They chose the name Hyperspace Studios as it represented a new dimension of creative interaction and felt like it fit with the intent behind their art, with new technologies being used to push past some of the traditional boundaries of what is possible. This included new ways of working much more closely with a nonlocal clientele and of collaborating extensively with artists from all over the world in projects such as Scratch Art, Innerstate and the upcoming Biomech Encyclopedia, where virtually all of the art was created in an online environment.

In addition to being their internet presence, Hyperspace Studios is also a private tattoo studio where clients are tattooed in a relaxing, stress-free space. This has been Guy and Michele's primary studio for the past fifteen years and has also been the site of many collaborations and other projects done with visiting artists. The setting is an unexpected modern little studio in a quiet, scenic, countryside location where they work by appointment only and focus primarily on the signature tattoo styles that they are known for.

Guy has long been recognized for his abstract biomechanical work on both canvas and skin, which incorporates many of Guy's key influences such as M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst and H.R. Giger, along with his fascination with nature, and combines these elements in a way that is intended to flow naturally on the human form. Tattoo design work has been a key part of Guy's artistic activity for such a long time that at this point he applies these same principles to both tattooing and painting.

Michele is best known for her ethereal, pastel, floral-form tattoos. A large part of what influenced her personal journey from tattoo collector to tattoo artist was the desire to see a softer, more unified look for women that compliments the shape of the body. Michele works in a variety of other mediums and enjoys the creative exchange these different art forms offer each other. She is inspired by nature, beauty, and her inner vision. As with Guy, she has applied these principles to all the mediums she works in, including tattooing and painting.

To see more of their works on skin, canvas and other media, check out the Hyperspace gallery pages. There's also a page of magazine articles going back to 1990, along with some short documentary videos and other media, plus links for enquiring about appointments from Michele or Guy and for making inquiries about products and original art we have available.

Thanks, and enjoy your stay here in Hyperspace!

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