Hypercast with Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman

Hypercasts are long-format interview shows that go into detail on subjects of great interest to artists and art fans, hosted by Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman and featuring guests known for a wide variety of artistic styles and accomplishments. The shows typically run for an hour, starting with an in-depth interview, followed by audience questions and then finishing with a few critiques of tattoos submitted by viewers. Interviews are conducted via Skype, often with multiple guests appearing simultaneously. A lot of fascinating visual material is included as well. Just scroll down to check out the completed episodes. More are in production now and will be posted shortly.

2014 Hypercast schedule:
Sunday, January 26: The Tattoo Press
featuring representatives of several major tattoo publications including Michele Delio of Tattoo Magazine, Tony Romel of Tattoo Society, Marisa Kakoulas of Needles And Sins and Crash from Tattoo Artist Magazine. This one will be great for audience Q&A!

Sunday, February 23: Art Degrees In Tattooing
With Teresa Sharpe, Chris Dingwell and Kimberly Reed
One day people started showing up at tattoo shops with art degrees and all kinds of crazy ideas about tattooing... Great conversation with some amazing artists.


Episode 1: Fine Art And The Tattoo Industry, Featuring Durb Morrison with special guest Mike Cole

Episode 2: Taking Realism To The Next Level, featuring Nikko Hurtado

Episode 3: Illustrative Tattooing Featuring Russ Abbott, with special guests Teresa Sharpe and Kelly Doty

Episode 4: Visionary Art Featuring Juan Salgado, with special guest Damon Conklin


Episode 5: The Collab Show, Featuring Litos, Don McDonald, Ty McEwen, and Hannah Aitchison.

Episode 6: The Japanese-American Connection Featuring Jeff Gogue

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