The Biomech Encyclopedia

By Guy Aitchison, featuring collaborative work by dozens of tattooists including: Nick Baxter, Dan Hazelton, Marco Velazquez, Aaron Cain, Mike Cole, Don McDonald, Jeff Croci, Ty McEwen, Adrian Dominic, Markus Lenhard, Leo Lavatori, Brad Bako, Chris Walkin, Evan Griffiths and many more! 

The book will be a large format (10x13"), 486 page slipcase edition packed with art and information. Starting with some hardcore nuts-and-bolts design theory for creating the strongest visual impression possible, the book then shares hundreds of finished tattoo designs created in collaboration over the course of close to two years of online file exchange. We were able to create an enormous library of design that is not representative of any one artist's signature style, but instead an overall blend of the kinds of design options possible with biomechanical design. It covers a vast spectrum of design aesthetics: Masculine, feminine, mechanical, organic, industrial, ornamental, alien, skeletal- you name it. We made the effort to explore the stylistic possibilities in as many directions as we could imagine.
As a book, The Biomech Encycloipedia is intended both as a learning aid and as a reference. Tattooists are encouraged to mix and match elements from different parts of the book into their own hybrid designs, which in turn helps to develop a sense of how each artist can create their own unique stylistic combination from the countless available visual elements. This is not just a book of flash on steroids: it can serve as a key to an entire visual kingdom.

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