Michele Wortman

I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, starting with painting as a child, and continuing with the exploration of various subjects and styles as an adult. When I came into tattooing in 1998, it was from this extensive art background and a desire to see a softer, more unified look for women's tattoos that I found my inspiration and objective. This came as a result of collecting my first tattoos which, although skillfully rendered, felt too heavy and bold for my tastes. I longed for a more free-flowing aesthetic that appeared to be of a lighter weighted material, which led me to contemplate the way that a well-designed garment fits and flatters the wearer. With this consideration in mind, along with referencing the "kimono" style of laying out Japanese bodysuits, I came to the idea of a lighter and more airy use of skin and tattoo, incorporating balanced or symmetrical elements, which eventually blossomed into my approach of creating "bodysets".


I consider every tattoo I do to be just like the wearer, an original work of art. I am inspired by the joy that beauty brings upon us. Perhaps there is an understated simplicity in appreciating this, a bird singing in a springtime branch, a flower blowing in the breeze. Could it be that we are drawn to imagery such as this because it resonates with us on a core level, a reminder that we are not separate from nature but rather are a part of it?

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